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With more than 35 years of surveying experience, we have an extensive database of survey information.

Surveying establishes what is.....


 Property boundaries, ground contours, and existing features directly affect project design. After a project is conceived, surveying is the first task necessary to accomplish in order to provide the critical basis for all other aspects of the project which follow.


Survey is the art of measuring. It begins with the measurement of property - its dimensions and its place relative to other properties. It then proceeds to the size and location of objects on the property, both natural and man made. As property undergoes development, surveying is the establishment of new boundaries and defines the correct location of property improvements. Surveying concludes with the recording of the location of the boundaries and improvements.


LSA has completed thousands of plats, short plats, topographic surveys, as-built surveys, and boundary surveys for both public and private projects throughout Washington state. Projects have ranged in size from individual, single-family lots to comprehensive topographic and wetland boundary surveying for parcels in excess of 150 acres.

Surveying Services Offered

ALTA/ACSM Surveys | Binding Site Plans

Boundary Line Adjustments | Boundary Surveys

Building Height Surveys | Condominium Plats

Construction Surveys | Legal Descriptions

Property Corner and Lot Line Surveys

Short Subdivisions | Subdivisions | Topographic Surveys

Surveying at Stillaguamish Senior Center Expansion